Privacy Policy

Last Updated : 5/1/2017
This site uses some third-party products and services, which may collect your information adhering to their own terms, conditions and privacy policies. Such products and services used in this site and their privacy policies are briefly outlined below. For more details on the privacy policy or terms of use of any product, you are strongly advised to visit its corresponding link to its privacy policy as indicated in this page.
Google AnalyticsTM
Google AnalyticsTM is a tool which allows website owners, like me, to get insights on users’ activities in our website. It tracks the information about the user engagement on our site anonymously by using cookies.
To know more about what specific information does it store and how it uses them, please read the Privacy policy of Google AnalyticsTM.
Sharing on Facebook  and Google+
To allow the users to engage with our contents and share them easily with their friends, this site uses the third-party plugins from Facebook and Google+.
This site uses the social plugins such as, Like, Activity Plugin and Comments from Facebook Inc. to help users interact with the site. The use of these plugins is governed by the Facebook Terms and Conditions and the information collected from you by these plugins also are in accord of Privacy Policy of Facebook. The comments that you make in this site are publicly visible, however, they are not used for any other purposes beyond just showing them as comments in the related page of this website.
Similarly, to keep spam and scams away I have incorporated the emerging +1 product of Google Inc. to get human recommendations on search. The items +1’d by you will get a vote as the webpage having quality content and thus will appear towards the top of the search results leaving the spam, scams and fraud sites towards the bottom.
Here too, the information collected from you is solely based upon the Google +1 Button Privacy Policy.
Your personal information (Name & Email) will be stored on this site if you create an account or make comments, however, this information will not be disclosed to anyone except me, the admin of this site.
In conclusion, I am conscious about your privacy and therefore, I have used and will continue to use only those products and services which have transparent privacy policies in the future too. So, you can be assured of being safe while browsing this site.